A sacred safe place for women who have experienced a miscarriage, pregnancy loss, stillbirth or neonatal death to heal, release guilt and be surrounded by a loving supportive sisterhood.
Cayman Islands
May 15-18, 2019
  •  4 days all-inclusive in a luxurious private estate
  •  Access to private therapists & energy workers
  •  A sacred space set aside for you to step away and release 
Dear Sister,
Words cannot express how deeply sorry I am for your loss. They are inadequate to comfort when you have lost a child - a very piece of yourself.  

Right now, in the wake of this tragedy: 

    ❋     You don’t know which way is up
    ❋     You have a deep sense of loss
    ❋     You don't know if you are coming or going
    ❋     The very thought of getting up fills you with  deep fatigue and dread

You’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to enjoy life again.
You know that when you get , back out into the “real” world, you’ll have to face the sorrow and pity on the faces of the people around you. Constant reminders of the child you lost. 

You don’t know what to do with yourself so you follow along with what everyone says you’re supposed to do to heal and move forward.

You follow “their” advice and try to just get back to life as usual as quickly as possible . . . when, in truth, all you want to do is sit somewhere quiet and peaceful where you can be with your thoughts and feelings. You’re ready to cry, scream or yell, in a place where people won't look at you with judgment.

You long to release the burden of guilt you’ve been shouldering.
You’re ready to release the burden you’ve been shouldering and step bravely into your new normal. You want to feel like yourself again - like you have purpose, meaning and value beyond the loss of your child. You want to share honestly about how it felt knowing your pregnancy would end with no baby in your arms. And you crave a community that will accept you just as you are and wrap you in a safe, sacred cocoon.

We share a story
I know how you're feeling because I’ve been there myself, in the not-too-distant past. On April 12, 2017, I went into early labor with naturally conceived triplet girls, and I knew in my gut that we would not be taking our girls home. The days, weeks and months following were the darkest days of my life. I sat with all the feelings:

     ❋ What did I do to cause this to happen?
     ❋ Am I such a bad person that this would happen to?
     ❋ What type of mother am I that I couldn't even protect my babies?
     ❋ How am I ever going to be able to keep on living?
     ❋ I have failed as woman.

For months I wrestled with these thoughts, until one day exactly 7 months after I said goodbye to my girls, I decided to make a change! I knew that my girls were watching over me and waiting for me to step up and be the strong, brave, compassionate and resilient Mom that they knew I could be. 

I realized in that moment that my girls came for a much bigger purpose than I could imagine. They came to show me where I was playing small and how to step boldly into my purpose.
I became determined not to let their short lives be in vain, and I set out to find my Light After Loss.

Light After Loss
An intimate retreat on Grand Cayman for women who are navigating the emotions surrounding pregnancy loss. 
** Due to the sensitive nature of this retreat, attendees are carefully hand-selected. Your next step toward healing is to apply for a call with our founder, Annette Stephenson, by clicking the button above.**
You deserve a place where:
    ❋    You are understood.
    ❋    You are cared for.
    ❋    You are surrounded by a compassionate community. 
    ❋    Your experience is valued.
    ❋    You are free to express all the ranges of emotions you feel without judgment. 

Light After Loss is your safe space. Your cocoon. Your haven.  

You’ll arrive in gorgeous Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands for this all-inclusive, intimate retreat, and immediately feel your energy shift. 

You’ll meet a small handful of other women - all of whom are navigating the emotions of a pregnancy loss. These are your sisters, your friends, and your confidantes on this beautiful journey. You will have the space to heal, to feel and express your emotions, and to form a sisterhood for life.

Light After Loss is a safe, non-judgmental, loving space. 
We will not deny the loss, but we will also shine the light. 
Your Light After Loss journey includes  
    ❋     Five days and four nights in a luxurious private estate in the Cayman Islands 
    ❋     Gourmet-quality meals prepared from local ingredients by a private chef throughout your stay
    ❋     Uninhibited access to your own private beach, private pools, and Jacuzzi spa amenities. 
    ❋     Access to exclusive and enlightened energy workers whose sole purpose during our time together is to help you heal
    ❋    A sacred space to navigate through the emotions that accompany losing a child 
    ❋    A life-long community of soul sisters who are on a similar healing journey

Meet Your Retreat Leaders
Dr. Annette Stephenson
Dr. Annette Stephenson is a board certified audiologist in the Cayman Islands. She has the only audiology clinic on the island and has been open for over a decade.

Outside of audiology, Annette is also fiercely committed to guiding women who feel guilty for doing what matters to them instead of doing what is expected. She has years of experience working with clients who have had similar worries and concerns as these and uses her personal story to guide them to achieve remarkable success. Her mission is for women to hear their truth – to own the fact that saying yes to themselves doesn’t mean that life will stop, and to be empowered to make themselves a priority. What lights her up about her work is knowing that she can provide the gift of healing and compassion to women who are at any stage of an uncertain situation, struggling to find a solution so that they can flourish fearlessly.

After a second trimester miscarriage and losing her triplet daughters, Annette is advocating to increase the awareness of pregnancy loss and stillbirth. She has also started a foundation to champion for those whose lives have been affected by the heartbreaking loss of a baby through pregnancy loss or stillbirth.

Elyse Falzone
Elyse is a Spiritual Life Coach and Intuitive Healer. She specializes in healing the inner child and awakening the soul within. She empowers women to be leaders in their families, communities and beyond. Elyse believes we are each teachers, healers and lightworkers in our own unique way. Through her own struggles, Elyse embarked on her own journey of self discovery, self expression and awakening to her soul’s gifts. She pays this forward and awakens her clients' spiritual gifts and talents so they can share them with the world. Elyse is also the creator/facilitator of the Certified Healers Course and sought out as a guest expert for retreats, workshops and podcasts.
Tracy Candish
Tracy's teachings encourage self awareness on all levels and not simply the “form” or poses of modern day Yoga. Her passion lies in self discovery with movement, breath and Meditation to assist us to navigate through our lives on all levels.
She has been practicing relaxation massage since 2000 and adds the principles of Yoga in massage to bring  clients deep relaxation and a sense of self. Tracy is a Yoga & Meditation Instructor , and Relaxation Massage Therapist.
Words of Appreciation 
"For the last three years I felt like I was in a cage. I felt restricted, isolated, depressed and even though I was constantly surrounded by people, I still felt alone. I felt like everything around me was crumbling and I couldn’t do anything about it. During those four days I was able to break free from that cage I was trapped in for too long. Once I learned to let go of all that was weighing me down, I experienced a freedom like nothing before. I gained more confidence and learned to love myself all over again. I was able to let go of my fears and (self) doubt and became comfortable with who I am - which is, a strong, beautiful, fearless woman that can overcome whatever life may throw at me. I’m forever grateful that I had this incredible opportunity and the chance to meet some amazing women." ~ Racquel P.
 What’s the best way for me to get to the Cayman Islands?
Most of the major airlines fly into Grand Cayman. When booking your ticket use airport code GCM.
 What will the weather be like?
Typical weather in Cayman during May will usually be in the mid to high 80s (Farenheit). Perfect for soaking up some early summer sun.
Is there a dress code for the retreat or the estate?
Your dress code is whatever feels best to you. We want you to feel comfortable and at ease. This is your safe space. The weather will be warm, but we do recommend bringing a light sweater for the chilly evenings. And of course, you’ll likely want to bring a swimsuit or two to enjoy the private beach and pool. 
This sounds fantastic, but I’m concerned about the price . . . 
First things first. This isn’t just a vacation. This is an investment in your healing and growth. This retreat is a deposit in your future. So make sure to reframe the financial commitment accordingly. Your 4-night luxury experience will be $7500 {inclusive of lodging and gourmet meals}. In addition, we have several flexible payment plans to meet you where you’re at and make sure you have access to this life-changing experience.
You are a Goddess - and a Mother - so be prepared to be treated like the Queen that you are.

I am so excited to invite you to find your Light After Loss.

To finding your light after loss, 
Dr. Annette 
The Island Mama

If you are ready to be surrounded and supported by a loving community,
If you know that your time is NOW to step bravely into your new normal,
If you are ready to find YOUR Light After Loss,
If you know this retreat is what your SOUL has been searching for... 
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